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FACT: Sauté two cloves of crushed garlic in two tablespoons of olive oil, then mix in a can of low-sodium diced tomatoes. Stir gently until heated and serve over one cup of whole-wheat pasta. You'll get the cancer-preventing benefits of garlic, plus the lycopene in the tomatoes protects against colon, prostate, lung, and bladder cancers, the olive oil helps your body absorb the lycopene, and the fiber-filled pasta reduces your risk of colon cancer.

Digestive System Head Model Fish

Triglycerides are a style of fat that will circulates in the bloodstream. They can be produced by your body and found in numerous foods. Calorie consumption consumed via any type of foodstuff not quickly used for energy are in order to triglycerides and also stored in the entire body, according to the United states Heart Connection. When the system needs body fat for energy resource, the triglycerides are published into the bloodstream. When higher amounts of triglycerides are kept in the body, an ailment called hypertriglyceridemia can occur, which can contribute to heart problems. While some instances of hypertriglyceridemia are due to genetics or even medical conditions, many instances are the reaction eating an unhealthy diet together with too many calorie consumption.

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